Why Aegis Trackdays

The idea to start AegisTrackdays arose at the end of 2019. A group of car enthusiasts expressed an interest in driving their own car on the track. There was only one thing that stopped most. Just going on the track without any guidance and/or instruction. Afraid to drive damage due to own inexperience and that of fellow track drivers. There is clearly a need to make the first kilometers on the circuit with guidance and instruction. From that point on, it was decided to set up Aegis Tracksdays. With Aegis Trackdays we will guide the future track driver in theory and practice with driving on the track. Our instructors are ready to give you the right support. Book a track day at Aegis Trackdays now

The approach at Aegis Trackdays,

Group 1: In group 1 you are the first to receive a piece of theory / briefing before you actually go on the track. Then you will get ready to hit the track. You have already received a walkie-talkie when you register. You can test this with the instructor on how it works. The instructor determines the setup in the pit lane. You enter the circuit in small groups about 4 to 5 cars behind the instructor. You copy the lines that the instructor is going to drive. During the first session you will get to know the circuit a bit. During the theory you were told on which part of the circuit there will be a switch behind the instructor. The intention is that after each lap a different car will be the first to drive behind the instructor. The instructor will also indicate the switch point on the walkie-talkie. After each session, the instructor will conduct a de-briefing with the group you are participating in. We have deliberately chosen for group 1 to work with forerunners/instructors. This gives starting circuit participants a bit of confidence and safety. You don’t have to worry about other participants flying past you left and right. A possibly slower group will be passed at a previously announced spot on the circuit. At that moment the slower group goes off the gas for a while. This until the last car has passed the group. This moment will also be indicated by the instructor via the walkie-talkie as much as possible. But you can also see this by the waving blue flag by a track post. If you are going to drive alone on the track later, you should pay close attention to the flag signals from the track posts.

Group 2: In group 2 you go on the circuit independently. You have now mastered the most important basic knowledge for circuit driving. In this group you are not allowed to overtake anywhere on the track. The points where you are allowed to overtake were announced to you during the briefing. In case you are going to overtake, use the turn signal. The car being overtaken also uses the turn signal to indicate that it knows that overtaking is taking place. Also pay attention to the track posts. They show the blue flag when they see a faster car close behind you. After seeing the blue flag, go off the gas at the pre-announced spot on the track until the faster car has passed you. Note ignoring flag signals may mean you will be shown the black flag and the session is over for you. You know the basics for circuit driving. But you still want to learn the finer points? Then book an instructor for 1 or more sessions (limited possibilities). The instructor will get into your car as a passenger. During the session, he will provide you with tips to get around the track as smoothly as possible.

Group 3: If you are going to participate in group 3, then you demonstrably have enough experience to go on the circuit independently. In any case, you are familiar with the rules that apply on the circuit and you are able to drive the correct lines independently. In this group it is allowed to overtake at several points. This is different per circuit and will be indicated in advance during the briefing. We also keep it as safe as possible in this group. In case of unsafe behavior you will the black flag must be removed from the circuit. The reason for the pick-up will be discussed with you. Then you can go back on the circuit. Please note that exclusion from further participation is possible in the event of repetition. Once again we want to keep it fun and safe for everyone. Everyone has to leave the track with a big smile. Also in group 3 it is possible to book an instructor to take your skills to a higher level.